Reasons for constant assault on women

One of the most famous scandal which drank the indian nation holds true of bhanwari devi. She is a registered nurse and a middle-aged woman. The tale of bhanwari takes a steep turn when sleaze video clip which connected mahipal the sacked rajasthan water resource preacher.

The CD which included this video was lost and obtained into wrong hands. Sunil gurjar that was the reason for damaging the life of bhanwari devi acted as a mediator or the broker for marketing the CD. He auctioned the duplicates of the CD and had orginal duplicate with himself. Knowing that the sleaze video entering into incorrect hands by the action of sunil, bhanwari devi tried to encourage mahipal maderna.


Yet reaching a water resource priest also for her was an uphill job. She reached his affiliate and tried to notify him concerning the concern. This associate dint trouble about her and also her situation. The partner was the master mind behind the transfer of CD. 

The mental stress provided by the actions of these center man and also the blackmailing of sunil gurjar has actually taken the lovely life of a woman. The federal government on the various other hand was seriously condemned due to the fact that the major reason for this issue was an individual within the federal government.


Many people have advised females to be cautious versus these sorts of fraud activities. Reasons for these types concerns occurring have actually been reviewed. Key reason is the federal government itself. The federal government needs to raise some stringent laws versus these criminal activities and try to safeguard ladies.

Many politicians have been actively involved in these sorts of activities. These sorts of politicians create an incorrect instance for people. The federal government needs to tidy up these politicians and also get rid of the power brokers like sunil gurjar Nasirabad for the safety and security of women. The following factor was mentioned as lack of awareness among ladies.


Education about misuse and also harassment should be instructed previously in the life of a lady. Therefore also before growing, female can safeguard themselves in instance of instant threat. Last reason is us. We citizens ought to not allow anyone turn evil. Every parent is in charge of their son’s tasks.

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